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Kim Kardashian doesn’t realize she’s the butt of an old racial joke

Kaushik Mohanty:

Wow, that was something I could never even guess. Thanks to the author, I got a new perspective to this recent Kim K photo shoot.

Originally posted on theGrio:

Last night, social media was flooded with images of Paper Magazine’s Winter 2014 cover featuring Kim Kardashian’s glistening posterior. The response was both explosive and polarizing. Some rolled their eyes and complained “I’m so tired of seeing her naked. She’s a mother! Put some clothes on” while others applauded her boldness and sex appeal.

Regardless of how you felt about the spread or the Kardashians in general, one thing was very clear: Paper Magazine set out to break the internet, a fact they proudly declared from the jump. And they may have very well succeeded, but at what cost?

First off, those of you declaring that these pictures are “history-making” need to chill out. There is nothing new or even original about this spread…

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Now and Anon

Found a flimsy breath to hold on,
In a shell of flesh and bone.
As moments to months changed,
Life’s bent on being avenged.
Found a flimsy breath to hold on,
Oh, the time now and anon.

Words and wisdom stumbled upon,
But the essence of it all was gone.
Trying to fit in though a stranger I be,
Hugging chains instead of staying free.
Words and wisdom stumbled upon,
Oh, the time now and anon.

Time will be as it was anon

A Death Note

At times, I just wish to die,
As if the Maker crashed my genetic die,
I am no human, for my errors are many,
My follies hazard a pound a penny,
I have fallen so utterly low,
Even the Fallen One would to me, bow,
The irony so harsh, of despicable me,
Chained am I, though was born free.

At times, I just wish to die,
As a beautiful life would do me shy,
Oft whilst I gaze the earth hard,
I know this clay wasn’t shaped by any bard,
I am, but a song unsung,
A silent alphabet far flung,
Oh, dear death, for you to be near,
Then of life, I’d have no fear.

At times, I just wish to die,
To be hanging from Death’s talons and fly,
While my blood rushes out of the deep scars,
May it add more gore to the wars,
I haven’t ever killed in the name of any joke,
But my hatred’s the same, to the darkest stroke,
Joy is a feeling that’s forsaken me,
For its hidden torment do I now see.

At times, I just wish to die,
For all things good, there could be no less fie,
In the end, it all hits the books,
The riches, the appeal, the hypocrisy, the looks,
All feelings are tainted now,
But were they so always, and I wonder how,
At times, I just wish to die,
Not because Death is the truest and most high,
But it’s the least tainted, and inching nigh…

A Hope for Heaven

A hope for heaven, a hope within another,
Wishful and innocent, without a bother.
While on timeless tides of feelings we trudge,
And gusts of thoughts make us more than budge.
All efforts in vain, all ideas turned brazen,
Still a hope breathes, a hope for heaven.

Twisted have our hearts, minds contorted,
As desires delve depravity, dreams get distorted.
Every deed done is sullied in utter shame,
Still we try to clean the smudges with capricious fame.
Devils personified in every devious maven,
Still a lust, a hope for heaven.

We still hope..

An Object but More…

As I pass a desolate corner, and a mirror broken do I spot,
My reflection, contorted, I note in ways many than a lot.
The broken shards beside, twinkling beams to and fro,
Remind me of the love, shattered, ere which used to flow.

An old chandelier in ruins lying do I see,
Now dusty, downtrodden, ’twas as glorious as me.
Its beads akin to drops of pearly tears,
Make me sad, as to a time past, my memory veers.

I feel the pain of a favourite toy, which it is now no more,
A heart spurned, does now implore.

Steps further a broken faucet I encounter,
Once pouring life, but like me does it now falter.
Its stained body dulling the paint it once shone,
I’m now as slurred as it, to my very bone.

A once choice painting, all faded, ridden by moss,
Make me recall all of my loss.
When with colours I had your life made vivid,
Little did I know you’d turn out to be tepid.

I feel the anguish of a worshipped verse, now no more,
A heart spurned, does now implore.

As a lifeless object do I dwell in here,
Hoping your glance could ever come clear.
You seem to consider I will always be there,
But even objects have a lifespan, dear.

I’ll be gone..

Despise every draught of elixir heavenly, parched lips of mine,
I begin to hate every thought, all existence of thine.
Poison is what the heart desires ardent,
Molten metal from hellish pits make my soul a servant.
The blood within feels a surge too weighted,
I long for the air, so light and diluted.
Away from all, shall I drift further and on,
Look for me, and I shall be long gone.

More to go on..

To be and to be Free…

I tread and fall, walk and stumble,
With every hurt, gaining experience subtle.

But it seems paths draw out way too far,
As stupidity of men is infinite beyond par.

I fear lest by the time I have journeyed,
Less flesh, more wounds and wisdom trifle would I have carried.

Kith and kin, no class apart,
Strangers I meet and unknown I depart.

An inkling of cognition fights to survive,
Whilst from an ocean of ignorance, it tries itself to derive.

A sole soul have I been, so shall I be,
From bonds, ties and relations, free,
My only strike at ultimate glee,
Even from the so-called “freedom”, finally free.